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Jacob Quarrell - Small Town Troubles [CD]


Jacob Quarrell: Small Town Troubles [JQ-01]
Date Of Release: 15 June 2019


Jacob Quarrell made a strong impression with his debut album, Small Town Troubles, with its release in the summer of 2019. Heavily inspired by personal experience, this record delves deep into the heart of the small-town experience, touching on themes of love, hardship, and the quest for personal identity.

Small Town Troubles blends elements of folk, indie, and alternative rock, creating a distinctive sonic landscape. Quarrell's expressive vocal stylings and keen guitar work are central to the album, featuring a mix of introspective ballads and upbeat, pop-infused tracks. Lyrical content throughout the album is deeply personal, drawing on Quarrell's own lived experience.

Each track offers a glimpse into different aspects of small-town life, from the mundane to the extraordinary. The album was well-received within the friendly confines of his hometown market of Sault Ste Marie. The production quality and blend of musical styles also received commendation, with many highlighting the album's ability to evoke strong emotions and vivid imagery.

Small Town Troubles marks a significant milestone in Jacob Quarrell's solo career, serving as testament to his songwriting and performing skill. The record's exploration of universal themes through a small-town lens makes it a compelling and heartfelt album, exemplifying the need for honesty and personality across all artistic mediums. Quarrell's ability to translate his experiences into powerful music has made Small Town Troubles a strong debut, and sets the tone for his future musical endeavors.


Track List:

01 : Out [02:47]
02 : Anymore (ft. Kirstin Corbett) [05:33]
03 : Summer's End I [01:05]
04 : Swingin' [04:04]
05 : Small Town Boy [04:51]
06 : Groov (ft. Jupiter Marvelous) [02:44]
07 : Why Are We Afraid (ft. Elliott Nicholson) [07:12]
08 : 1075 [03:50]
09 : Daddy's Little Girl [05:04]
10 : Relapse (ft. Seth Clement) [03:46]
11 : Baamaapii [05:13]
12 : Summer's End II [01:08]
13 : Girl From My Dreams [08:16]

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