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G. Michael Peters - Have I Lived A Good Life (EP) [CD]


G. Michael Peters: Have I Lived A Good Life (EP) [MP-01]
Date Of Release: 4 February 2022


Have I Lived A Good Life is the introspective and deeply resonant debut EP from G. Michael Peters, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Valemount, British Columbia. Originally released independently on 04 February 2022, the four-track collection is a heartfelt journey through life's various stages, touching on love, loss, self-reflection, and the importance of human connection.

The EP is a product of a creative collaboration between G. Michael Peters and co-producer William Kuklis at Vinyl Deck Studios in Prince George. Peters' signature blend of country, folk, and rock music shines through in the project, lending an authentic and nostalgic tone that connects with listeners from all walks of life. Peters' music explores universal human experiences and emotions, underpinned by his soulful voice and poignant lyrics. His ability to channel wisdom and personal experiences into his music has earned him a dedicated following of listeners who appreciate his candid storytelling and relatable narratives.


Track List:

01 : I'll Still Be Here [03:25]
02 : Have I Lived A Good Life [04:46]
03 : Like You're Still Five [04:18]
04 : You Can Never Go Home Again [04:48]

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