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Mike Haggith - All The Best In All You Do (Rose Edition) [CD]


Mike Haggith: All The Best In All You Do (Rose Edition) [MH-52R]
Date Of Release: 13 July 2023


Mike Haggith's 52nd official solo release, All The Best In All You Do, brings the listener into the next chapter of Haggith's stirring narrative that began with the introspective and emotionally charged album If Ever Comes The Day. This release traces a deeply personal journey of resilience, through the transformative process of personal growth following a period of profound uncertainty and introspection.

All The Best In All You Do serves as an auditory chronicle of Haggith's journey through tumultuous emotions and evolving self-perception. The album opens with a visceral dive into his personal hardships, echoing raw emotions and candid introspection, channeled into songs that resonate powerfully with anyone traversing the storms of adversity. Each song, like a chapter in a book, mirrors different facets of his emotional landscape, inviting listeners into the heart of his personal journey.

Yet, the narrative doesn’t linger in the shadows. Midway through the album, Haggith notably flips the script. The dark clouds begin to part, revealing a sunlit path to recovery and optimism. As if the curtain is drawn back, the melodies lighten, and lyrics reveal an awakening, a transformation that hints at a brighter future. While the earlier tracks echo with emotional intensity, the second half of the album emerges as a triumphant celebration of love and resilience. The melodies, now radiant and buoyant, become soundtracks to personal evolution and self-discovery. The songs, embedded with the spirit of hope and determination, encapsulate the journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance.

All The Best In All You Do is an evocative testament to the spirit of resilience. It stands as a cornerstone of Haggith's discography, weaving together the fabric of human emotion and experience, reminding us that we too can find our way through our tribulations to embrace a brighter, hopeful future. This album is not just an anthology of songs; it's a companion, a guide, offering solace, understanding, and ultimately the courage to navigate our own life's journey.

This album was produced by Mike Haggith, and released by MorningStar Records.


The Rose Edition is a limited-run deluxe pressing of the original album, which features five bonus tracks on the disc, a handmade typewritten lyric book, and a pressed rose from the original album cover photoshoot, encased in a plastic sleeve. Additionally, all units are autographed prior to shipping.


Track List:

01 : All You Do [03:22]
02 : Twist Of Fate [03:33]
03 : Hot And Cold [06:14]
04 : If Only You Could Hear Me [02:28]
05 : Carousel [03:06]
06 : I've Seen It Before [05:25]
07 : Love Will Light The Way [01:39]
08 : The Start Of Something Real [04:11]
09 : To Be With You [03:53]
10 : All The Best [03:40]

11 : Unforgotten [04:03]
12 : Requiem [03:36]
13 : Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen Cover) [03:05]
14 : I'd Do It For You [02:55]
15 : Horizons [02:07]

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