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Tobias H. Reese - Smoke And Mirrors: Belong To Strange [LP]


Tobias H. Reese: Smoke And Mirrors: Belong To Strange [TR-01]
Date Of Release: 22 April 2022


Tobias H. Reese's debut album Smoke and Mirrors is a retro-laden tour-de-force of infectious hooks, soaring melodies, and clever lyrics that stick in your head long after the album is over. From the opening track "1983" to the final notes of "Fire", Reese takes the listener on a thrilling musical journey that showcases his undeniable talent as a singer-songwriter and his ability to craft unforgettable pop rock anthems.

The album's title, Smoke and Mirrors, is a fitting descriptor for the themes explored throughout the record. Reese delves into the idea of perception versus reality, and the ways in which we can deceive ourselves and others with illusions and half-truths. While the record explores numerous themes and styles throughout its 37-minute runtime, it maintains a central theme of personal experience, introspection, and clever social commentary.

More simply, this record boasts a collection of infectious pop rock tunes that are sure to get toes tapping and heads bopping. From the upbeat "Why Can't I" to the immersive rhythm of "Can't Stop", Reese has a knack for crafting catchy hooks and melodies that will stay with you long after the album is over. Overall, Tobias H. Reese's Smoke and Mirrors is a must-listen for fans of pop rock music. With its infectious hooks, clever lyrics, and ethereal vocals, this stellar debut leaves a lasting impression and establishes Reese as a noteworthy artist with strong replay value.


Track List:

1-1 : 1983 [06:17]
1-2 : Why Can't I [03:25]
1-3 : Can't Stop [05:49]
1-4 : Never Surrender [02:40]

2-1 : Rabbit Holes [03:49]
2-2 : Burn It All Down [04:20]
2-3 : Slinky Slide [05:31]
2-4 : Fire [04:37]

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