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Tobias H. Reese - Shock Waves [LP]


Tobias H. Reese: Shock Waves [TR-02]
Date Of Release: 23 September 2023


Within the eclectic realm of pop-rock, Tobias H. Reese has sculpted a standout soundscape with his latest record, Shock Waves. The follow-up to his 2022 album Smoke And Mirrors: Belong To Strange, Shock Waves is a record that truly stands in a league of its own. Seamlessly blending elements of ambient, R&B, and orchestral tones, Reese elevates the traditional pop-rock formula to an avant-garde level.

The album kicks off with Boom Boom, a track which resonates with timely concerns about the geopolitical climate. The deep imprints of Mike Haggith's 2015 track We Met As Surrogates can be felt, offering listeners an energized introduction to the world of Reese. Moving deeper, Man In The Moon emanates dark, ambient waves, playing subtle homage to Haggith's Out Of My League while still retaining its distinct flavor.

While Reese shows plenty of songwriting prowess in the form of tracks like Currency Of Love, The, this record showcases a side of Reese that its predecessor didn't; instrumentals. Throughout the nine-track runtime, three instrumental tracks are featured on Shock Waves, each bringing to the table a unique feel. Destroy All Monsters revives the disco era with its playful use of synthesizers, Chemical You is a slow-burning melodic treat, and Shock Waves, the album's namesake, provides a serene yet suspenseful- almost ominous- atmosphere to close the record.

Kicking off the record's second half, the track I'm Not The One stands particularly tall, clocking in at over six minutes. Beyond its length, the song captivates with introspective lyrics and blistering guitar solos, echoing the essence of the record as a whole; innovative arrangements, strong lyrics, and a driving rhythm. Behind the scenes, the album's production has been helmed by the trio of Reese, Tampa Enoch, and Mike Haggith. Proving once and for all that the often-discussed "sophomore slump" is nothing but a myth, Shock Waves cements itself as a cornerstone of Reese's growing discography.

This album was released in affiliation with MorningStar Records.


Track List:

1-1 : Boom Boom [02:54]
1-2 : Man In The Moon [04:31]
1-3 : Just Another Tear [03:47]
1-4 : Destroy All Monsters [03:46]
1-5 : Currency Of Love, The [03:36]

2-1 : I'm Not The One [06:30]
2-2 : Chemical You [04:54]
2-3 : Monster Mash [03:33]
2-4 : Shock Waves [03:09]

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